Arthur Z'ahidi Ngoma, Congolese politician, Died at 69


Arthur Z’ahidi Ngoma was born in 1947, and died on October 5, 2016, in Paris.
He was one of four vice-presidents in the transitional government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Ngoma was sworn in on 17 July 2003.
Previously, he had worked as a university lecturer and for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
Arthur was imprisoned in 1997 and then went into exile for a brief period.
Ngoma led the rebel group Rally for Congolese Democracy, but left it in 1999.
Arthur Z’ahidi Ngoma ran for President of Congo in 2006 as the candidate of the Force of the Future party, receiving 0.34% of the vote.
Arthur Z’ahidi Ngoma passed away at 69 years old.