Igor Fesunenko, Russian journalist, Died at 83


Igor Fesunenko was born on January 28, 1933, Orenburg, the Russian Federation, Soviet Union and died on April 28, 2016.

He was a Soviet and Russian journalist.

He was a foreign affairs writer, teacher MGIMO.

Father Sergey Fesunenko toiled as a chief mechanic at the Zaporozhye aluminum plant, the whole family emigrated there when the war broke out, they was relocate to the Urals aluminum plant and there my father worked in the production of aluminum for aircraft.

However, Mother Evdokia Ivanovna graduated from law school Fesunenko in Irkutsk, was a housewife, in 1944 returned to his father in Kiev on recovery plant.

He was the correspondent of Radio and Television of the USSR, Cuba, from 1973 to 1975.

Igor Fesunenko passed away at 83 yrs old.