Ozzie Silna, American basketball club owner, Died at 83


Ozzie was born on December 27, 1932, and died on April 26, 2016.

He was American businessmen.

Was best known for their success in the textile industry, as well as being co-owners of the American Basketball Association’s Spirits of St. Louis and the lucrative deal cut to fold that team during the ABA-NBA merger.

Together brothers Ozzie and Daniel Silna made a fortune as pioneers in the manufacture of polyester.

They wanted to own an NBA team, during 1974.

When he attempted to buy the Detroit Pistons fell short, the Silnas purchased the ABA’s Carolina Cougars franchise with the expectation of moving it into the NBA with the impending merger of the two leagues.

Ozzie Silna passed away at 83 yrs old.