Hisham Al-Otaibi, Kuwaiti politician, Died at 70


Hisham Al-Otaibi was born on 1946 and died on January 4, 2017.
He was a Kuwaiti politician who served as the Minister of Finance and Industry from 1998 to 1999.
Al-Otaibi received a Bachelor of Science in engineering from the University of Oklahoma.
He served as the Director General of the Kuwait Stock Exchange during the 1990s.
He then became Minister of Finance and Industry, a position he held from 1998 until 1999.
Also to that, Al-Otaibi held positions in a number of Kuwaiti, British and international firms and organizations, including the Kuwait Drilling Company and the Kuwait International Investment Company.
Hisham Al-Otaibi passed away at 70 years old.