Anne Morrissy Merick, American war correspondent and journalist, Died at 83


Anne Morrissy Merick was born on October 28, 1933, and died on May 2, 2017.

She was a pioneering journalist.

Merick was best-known for persuading the Pentagon to reverse an order, known as the “Westmoreland Edict”, preventing female reporters to accompany troops to the front lines in the Vietnam War.

After that working in Saigon for ABC, she and Ann Bryan Mariano organized women journalists to meet with military leadership, which subsequently reversed the order.

Whilst she was a student sports journalist in the 1950s at Cornell University, she received national attention for her struggle to succeed despite sexism.

Anne Morrissy Merick was the first woman sports editor at Cornell, and the first woman journalist credentialed for the press box at prestigious universities such as Cornell and Yale.

Anne Morrissy Merick passed away 83 years old.