Gypsy Joe, Puerto-Rican professional wrestler, Died at 82

Gilberto Meléndez was born on December 2, 1933, and died on June 15, 2016

He was a Puerto Rican professional wrestler.

Joe was better known under the ring name Gypsy Joe.

As he was attaining much of his United States success in the Tennessee area, Meléndez also gained a following in Japan.

Gypsy was most probably best known in the wrestling industry for his remarkable longevity, with a career spanning seven decades, as well as his highly physical brawling style and tough reputation which made him an early pioneer of the hardcore wrestling scene.

During 1951, Joe started his wrestling career at age 18.

In a lengthy career in his native Puerto Rico, he went under various monikers and learned the ropes with the likes of Pedro Morales and Carlos Colón Sr..

However, Meléndez made his United States debut at Sunnyside Garden in Long Island, New York in 1963.

Even though Joe, never found success in major American promotions, Gypsy Joe is known for his grueling longevity in the wrestling business, which spanned seven decades, as well as his innate toughness as a hardcore brawler.

Fans assumptions were that he was the first wrestler ever to jump successfully off a steel cage onto an opponent.

His extensive career in Japan and participation in death matches solidified this fierce reputation, and his highly physical in-ring approach helped popularize the hardcore style.

Gypsy Joe passed away at 82 yrs old.