Lois Duncan, American writer, Died at 82

Lois Duncan Steinmetz was born on April 28, 1934, and died on June 15, 2016.

She was known as Lois Duncan.

She was an American writer of children’s books, best known for young-adult novels of suspense.

Lois wrote two early novels under the pen name Lois Kerry.

She received the 1992 Margaret Edwards Award from the American Library Association for her contribution in writing for teens.

She received his education at Duke University from 1952 to 1953 but dropped out, married, and started a family.

In that time, she continued to write and publish magazine articles; she has written more than 300 articles published in magazines such as Ladies’ Home Journal, Redbook, McCall’s, Good Housekeeping, and Reader’s Digest.

Later, she moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to teach journalism at the University of New Mexico, where she also earned a B.A. in English in 1977.

She was best known for her novels of suspense for teenagers.

A selection of her works have been adapted for the screen, the most famous example being the 1997 film I Know What You Did Last Summer, adapted from her novel of the same title.

In 1989 the youngest of Duncan’s children, Kaitlyn Arquette, was murdered in Albuquerque.

Lois Duncan passed away at 82 yrs old.