Gustav Jahoda, Austrian-born British psychologist, Died at 96


Gustav Jahoda was born on October 11, 1920, in Vienna and died on December 12, 2016, in Glasgow.

He was a psychologist.

Jahoda was educated in Vienna, then subsequently in Paris and London.

Jahoda studied sociology and psychology at London University before obtaining a lectureship in social psychology at the University of Manchester.

During 1952, Jahoda took up a post at the University College of the Gold Coast (now Ghana) in the Department of Sociology, where he carried out pioneering research into cross-cultural psychology.

In 1963, he was invited to set up a new psychology department in the University of Strathclyde, although he continued to make field trips to West Africa.

Gustav Jahoda retired in 1985 but he still retains the post of Emeritus Professor.

Johoda has published works on cross-cultural psychology, socio-cognitive development and history of the social sciences.

Gustav Jahoda has also published more than 200 articles.

Gustav Jahoda passed away at 96 years old.