Andrzej Wasilewicz, Polish stage and film actor, and director, Died at 65

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Andrzej Wasilewicz was born on March 10, 1951, in Białogard and died on December 13, 2016.

He was a Polish stage and film actor, and film director.

During 1975, Wasilewicz graduated from PWST in Warsaw.

Wasilewicz’s first major film role came in 1974—as Zenek, Ania’s fiancé—in the film Nie ma mocnych.

From the 1980s, Andrzej lived in the U.S. and studied at the Columbia University.

He had suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and died from the disease a hospital on Long Island, New York.

Andrzej Wasilewicz passed away at 65 years old.