Gunther Glomb, football player and coach, died at 84

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Dead, Günther Glomb, born August 17, 1930 and died August 13, 2015 in Bad Sauerbrunn, he was a German football player and football coach.

Günther Glomb started the Upper Silesian club Prussia Hindenburg with the matches. After World War II, he came as a refugee after Nuremberg and first played at Tuspo Nuremberg.

He trained as a machinist. In 1951 he began studying for a mechanical engineer, he graduated in 1954 successfully.

Header strong center forward was a success thanks enormous versatility: “I played until Goalkeeper actually everything,” Glomb said of himself. In 1951, he moved to.

1 FC Nuremberg in the league team. From the outset it great talent as well as special Mannschaftsdienlichkeit were equally attested. However, the latter also led to criticism: “Dear Glomb.

Altruism is a beautiful thing, but what is too much, even is in football too much and is finally designed as stupidity, and not that you need to certainly have” wrote to him in October 1953 Hans Hofmann in the album.

Over the years succeeded Glomb front of the gate to be purposeful and to improve his batting average. From the league team he played on the side of Max Morlock, where he also lived to sublet. In 1956, he was hardly an integral part of the starting eleven.

Its steady increase in performance in 1957 rewarded with the appointment to a B international against the Netherlands. When 3: 3 on 27 March Glomb rushed to the side of his club mates Heiner Müller.

However, this game was his only international use, although he had been in 1952. invited to a course of B-national team. as the best game of his career at all However, this applies meaningless game against the first FC Cologne in the final round of the German championship in 1957/58. When 4: 3 on 10 May Glomb scored only three goals.

As with players like at 1. FC Nürnberg Wenauer, Strehl, Flachenecker and wild growing number of young players from the successful youth work were advancing into the first team, it moved Glomb after a total of 306 games for the club, together with the storm colleague Max Schmid for SV Wiesbaden. What was initially a bitter loss for the FCN, Strehl opened the place of in the middle.

With the Strehl Club was in 1961 for the eighth time German champions.

The studied engineering Glomb changed after two years in Wiesbaden in 1961 for Wuppertaler SV, with him under coach “Zapf” ​​Gebhardt, even an old “Glubberer” at the end of season promotion to the Oberliga West succeeded.

For achievement of the runner he had in 29 league games ten goals alongside players like Günter Augustat, Erich Haase and Erich Ribbeck achieved.

Football player and coach Günther Glomb, died August 13, 2015 at age 84 in Bad Sauerbrunn.