Sasha Petraske, Cocktail bar entrepreneur, died at 42

  Dead Famous

Dead, Sasha Nathan Petraske, born March 16, 1973 and died August 21, 2015, he was the founder of the influential New York cocktail bar Milk & Honey.

“Mr. Petraske’s influence on cocktail-bar culture can be seen in bars across the world, which have adopted many of the features he rescued from an earlier era: hidden entrances, a focus on classic cocktails, the use of handmade ice in drinks and the formal attire adopted by bartenders (the dapper Mr. Petraske almost always wore dress pants and shirts, and suspenders).

He also championed the “bartender’s choice” option found on many cocktail menus, the use of jiggers to accurately measure out drinks, even the ubiquitous use of cucumber slices in water glasses.

Many bartenders who have become leaders in the cocktail industry began their careers at Petraske bars.”

Petraske was found dead by his wife, journalist Georgette Moger, in his home on 21 August 2015 of a suspected drug overdose.