Gerasimos Arsenis, Greek politician, Died at 84


Gerasimos Arsenis was born May 30, 1931, and died on April 19, 2016.
He was a Greek politician.
Gerasimos Arsenis served as a Member of the Hellenic Parliament.
During 1967, Gerasimos Arsenis was appointed to the position of Senior Economist of the UNCTAD and, in 1974, he was promoted to the seat of Director.
As a director, he engaged in research and participated in negotiations concerning reforms of the International Monetary System.
Gerasimos Arsenis also served as an independent expert with UNCTAD, from 1974 until 1980, providing consultancy to the Ministerial Committee of Twenty on the Reform of the International Monetary System (later known as the IMF “Interim Committee”).
Whilst serving as Director of UNCTAD, Arsenis committed to the development of numerous proposals, including the creation of special drawing rights (SDR), developmental assistance and coordination of program assistance for the World Bank and the generation of balance-of-payments financing that the IMF subsequently used for effective stabilization and development support schemes.
Gerasimos Arsenis started his career in politics in 1982, when he was appointed to the position of Minister of National Economy with the Panhellenic Socialist Movement, a position that he held until 1985.
During 1984, Gerasimos served as a Minister of Economics and was appointed to the Ministry of Mercantile Marine a year later, a position that he held for only a month due to a disagreement on a few matters of economic policy with the Prime Minister, Andreas Papandreou.
During 1986, Gerasimos Arsenis was expelled from the party, due to severe disagreements with the policies of the government.
Gerasimos Arsenis passed away at 84 yrs old.