Gallieno Ferri, Italian comic book artist , Died at 87

Gallieno Ferri was born on March 21, 1929, in Genoa, and died on April 2, 2016.

He was an Italian comic book artist and illustrator.

During 1960, he met the writer Sergio Bonelli and they created the comic book Zagor.

Ferri also illustrated Zagor from the first issue, drawing numerous stories.

Gallieno Ferri also illustrated all the covers of the regular series.

Since 1975, when another character, Mister No, was first introduced, also written by Sergio Bonelli, Ferri illustrated numbers #1 and #2 of the regular series, and designed the cover illustrations for numbers #1 through #115 of regular series.

And other characters that was created by Ferri include Maskar, Thunder Jack, Jim Puma and Capitan Walte.

Gallieno Ferri passed away at 87 yrs old.