Gabre Gabric, track and field athlete, Died at 101


Ljubica “Gabre” Gabric was born on October 17, 1914, and died on December 16, 2015.

Ljubica was a Croatian-born Italian track and field athlete who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics and in the 1948 Summer Olympics.

Her best discus throw was 43.35 m (1939).

Ljubica Gabric was born in Imotski, Croatia, at the time being part of Austria–Hungary.

She was wife of Sandro Calvesi, an Italian athletic coach (hurdles) and mother-in-law of Eddy Ottoz (grandmother of Laurent Ottoz and Patrick Ottoz).

While many sources give a birth year of 1914 and she has competed in masters-level tournaments with this year of birth, Gabric admitted in an interview that she was born in 1917 and that 1914 was a transcription error: This admission is in contradiction with additional sources, including her arrival in the United States at age 9 in 1923, documented by Ellis Island records and the fact that Olympic documents dating to the 1936 and 1948 Olympics establish a birthdate of October 17, 1914, probably originating from her own answers at the time.

Ljubica Gabric passed away at age 101 in December 2015.