Albert Bontridder, architect and writer, Died at 94


Albert Bontridder was born on April 4, 1921, and died on December 13, 2015.

Albert was a Belgian architect and writer, born in Anderlecht.

In 1953, he married Olga Dohnalova, a Czech refugee, and together they had two children.

Albert graduated as an architect in 1942.

As an architect, he made the plan for the house of his friend Louis Paul Boon.

Albert was an editor of the experimental illustrated magazines Tijd en Mens (E: Time and Man) (1949–1955) and Kentering (E: Change) (1966–1977).

He published his first poems in French and he made his actual debut with Hoog water (E: high tide) (1951).

Albert Bontridder passed away at age 94 in December 2015.