Fagaoalii Satele Sunia, Samoan literacy advocate, Died at 69


Fagaoalii Satele Sunia, real name Lefagaoali’i Satele was born in 1946 and died on September 5, 2015.

She was an American Samoan literacy advocate and educator.

She attended Waipahu High School in Waipahu, Hawaii, before that she attended

Her parents was Alo o Salamasina Satele Mosegi and Mata’ia Avaiu Mauigoa-Satele.

Fagaoalii Satele Sunia also graduated from nursing school and became a nurse at the LBJ Tropical Medical Center.

Fagaoalii made efforts to promote reading and literacy in the territory.

She develop a program called Read to Me Samoa Program, which she founder and operator.

Fagaoalii served as the First Lady of American Samoa from 1997 to 2003 during the two gubernatorial terms of Governor Tauese Sunia, and a former school teacher.

Fagaoalii was responsible for creating the Tauese P. Sunia Memorial, a museum and visitor attraction located at her home in Fogagogo, now known as a tourist attraction, Tutuila, is dedicated to her late husband.

She was married to former Governor Tauese Sunia, who passed away in 2003.

Fagaoalii moved back to American Samoa in 1981 and settled in the village of Leone, American Samoa.

Fagaoalii Satele Sunia passed away at 69 years old due to a stroke.