Deborah Asnis, infectious disease specialist, Died at 59

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Deborah Asnis was born July 17, 1956, in New Hyde Park on Long Island, and died on September 12, 2015, in Manhattan.

She was an American infectious disease specialist. and H.I.V. clinical researcher.

Deborah attended and graduated from Roslyn High School.

Deborah also attended Northwestern University for her undergraduate and medical degrees.

The medical profession ran in Deborah family.

Reportedly, Deborah said that her inspiration was her mother, named Ruth.

Deborah, father was a dentist and two older brothers that also became physicians.

Deborah alerted officials of the deadly virus, called ‘west nile virus’.

She called the city’s Bureau of Communicable Diseases, which in turn notified the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In that time the virus spread quickly, she kept doing tests on patients, sending blood samples and spinal fluid packed in dry ice to a state lab.

Deborah Asnis was an accountancy teacher, but we called her ‘Doctor Mom,’”

Deborah Asnis passed away at 59 years old due to breast cancer.