Dr. Harvey Zarem, American plastic surgeon, Died at 83

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Harvey Zarem died on November 1, 2015.

He was an American plastic surgeon.

Dr. Harvey was a plastic surgeon who appeared on Extreme Makeover.

He attended the University of Chicago’s professor.

He was the chief of plastic and reconstructive surgery for seven years before holding the same position at the UCLA Medical Center and School of Medicine for 14 years.

Dr. Harvey ran a private practice in Santa Monica and later in his hometown of Savannah, upon returning there in 2011.

The doctor services were highly in demand by Hollywood notables, and he appeared in multiple episodes of ABC’s unscripted plastic-surgery series Extreme Makeover.

Dr. Harvey, Beth 34 years; six children, Hal, Melissa, and Allison by his first wife, and Kathryn, Mikey, and Robbie by Beth; six grandchildren and his brother, publicist Bobby

Dr. Harvey passed away at age 83 on November 1, 2015.