Ceddy McGrady, Australian aboriginal featherweight boxer, Died at 64


Ceddy McGrady died on October 31, 2015 due to a heart attack.

He was an Australian aboriginal featherweight boxer.

Ceddy made his professional debut on June 4, 1969 under the guidance of respected boxing trainer, Bernie Hall, when he boxed four round draw against Rodney Roberts at the South Sydney Leagues club, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

His boxing career would see him in 128 fights in a 21-year period starting as a featherweight in 1969 but boxing as high as middleweight poundage in 1981.

He boxed the cream of the crop in all the divisions taking former Aussie champion Wally Carr the distance between 1972 and 1973.

In 1975 the highly regarded Steve Dennis was taken in the eight round distance.

Tony Mundine was defeated by Ceddy in 1977 which was Ceddy’s last recorded wins.

Ceddy defeated top glove man Rod Connors, Mick Banks, Jim Metcalfe, Peter Cairney, Alan Scott, Kevin Chester, Neville Williams, Speedo Duke, Alan Clayton, Steve Chester and Barry Darcy.

He lost to outstanding Aussie ringmen Billy Moeller, Terry Tears, Bobby Dunne, Frank Bianco, Roger Bowyer, Bricky Squire, Ali Afakasi, Merv Wovkner, Eddie Buttons, Ross Eadie, Ritchie Minns, Billy Harrison, Mark Barnett and Peter Batty.

He drew with Rappy Score, Joey Collins, Mick Maher and Lance McConnell.

Ceddy younger brother Ray McGrady defeated Aussie great Héctor Thompson, who challenged Roberto Duran and Antonio Cervantes in world title bouts in Panama.

Ray also defeated Kahu Mahunga and Al Korovou. Ray tragically died at the age of 25 years.

Ceddy McGrady passed away at age 64 due to a heart attack on October 31, 2015.