Dick Estell, American radio host, Died at 90


Dick Estell was born on April 11, 1926, and died on May 5, 2016.

He was the host and producer of The Radio Reader.

He was known in the serial public radio program in which the host reads aloud from contemporary novels.

That particular program was carried on public broadcasting stations in the United States.

Estell decided to finish his college studies and entered the radio/TV program at Michigan State University.

During 1964, Dick took over The Radio Reader from his predecessor at MSU’s radio stations, WKAR (AM) and WKAR-FM, where he served as general manager until his retirement in 1986.

Estell had recorded the program from a home studio in Haslett, Michigan.

Estell was appointed the Chairman of the Board for National Public Radio from 1972 to 1974.

Dick was also the narrator of several commercially available audio books, including Kenneth C. Davis’ popular Don’t Know Much About History and Don’t Know Much about the Civil War.

Following more than fifty years, Dick health issues compelled him to discontinue his broadcasts.

The last few episodes of John Grisham’s Rogue Lawyer were read by Estell’s good friend, Bob Page, former manager of WKAR-TV at Michigan State University.

On March 10, 2016, the final episode of The Radio Reader aired.

Dick Estell passed away at 90 yrs old.