Corsino Fortes, writer and diplomat, Died at 82

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Corsino Fortes, Cape Verdean writer

Daed, Corsino Antonio Fortes (b. Mindelo, Sao Vicente, 14 February 1933 – Mindelo, 24 July 2015) is a Cape Verdean writer and diplomat.


Fortes was born in Mindelo on Cape Verde’s Sao Vicente island. He is a graduate in law of the University of Lisbon (1966), chaired the Association of Cape Verde Writers (2003-2006) and is the author of some of the most significant works of Cape Verdean literature.


He has worked as a teacher and a lawyer; he served as Cape Verde’s ambassador to Portugal; and he was a judge in Angola. He joined several governments in the Cape Verde Republic.


Corsino Fortes’s first book Pao & Fonema (Bread & Phoneme) which appeared in 1974 made an immediate impact. 1974 was a momentous year for Portugal and its African colonies as it was the year in which Portugal’s dictator Antonio Salazar was overthrown, an act which began the process that led to the decolonisation of the Cape Verde Islands in 1975.