Cor Melchers, Dutch painter, Died at 61

Cor Melchers was born in 1954 and died on September 15, 2015.

He was a Dutch painter.

He grew up in Huissen.

Cor taught at the primary school De Laarakker in Arnhem.

Melchers started painting in 2003 and became more popular with his naive expressionist work.

He received the Mieke Bles Art Prize with its romantic landscapes, impressions of villages, towns and Betuwse orchards in 2008.

Cor exhibited, in the Netherlands (including Hotel Pulitzer, Amsterdam) and Italy.

His studio was located in Huissen.

Cor Melchers biography was published in 2004 called “Cor Melchers, schilder van kleurende eenvoud” (translated: Cor Melchers, painter of coloring simplicity.

Cor gave workshops, collaborated on a children’s book, and established Huissen Kunst in de Etalage and art platform Kunstplatform Mea Vota.

Cor Melchers passed away at 61 years old due to legionnaires’ disease.