Lars Ander, Journalist and businessman, Died at 75

Lars Ander died on October 12, 2015.

He was a Journalist and businessman.

NWT Group’s chief executive Lars Andersen, the head of a large newspaper group, including significant investments in Norway.

He grew like his brother Staffan early into the role of a journalist.

As a young man he worked with NWT’s technical department.

He had a strong business sense and a well developed sense of profitable ventures.

His father was the owner of the company, the son of the legendary newspaper owner Gustaf Anderson and older brother of the NWT’s chief editor Staffan Anderson.

Then, he gained a degree in engineering, became in time the NWT’s technical director, and was the one who in the 60s led the work with the introduction of offset printing in newspaper production.

And when the School of Economics in Riga was founded in 1994, gave Lars Anderson and NWT differently strong and much appreciated support.

Staffan and Anderson had great interest in art, and many of the important works of art which are now displayed.

He privately collected many glass art and ceramics.

Lars Anderson and Staffan represented the third generation of magazine creators Anderson.

He took over the leadership of a highly profitable and efficiently managed group from his father.

But this did not lead to that he in no way settled down, Lars Anderson was instead a hardworking leader who was characterized by a well developed sense of duty and an equally great job.

Lars left behind his four children, Anna, Joakim, Fredrik and Carl.

Lars Anderson was always very responsive to particular technological innovations that could benefit the production.

Lars Anders powerful and decisive appearance as the leader of a large newspaper group made some perceived him as hardworking.

When Gustaf Anderson passed away in 2000 rose son Lars into the role of CEO.

Lars Andersen passed away at 75 yrs old.