Concepcion Picciotto, Spanish-born American peace activist, Dead


Concepción Picciotto/ Concepción Martín was born in Vigo, Spain and died on January 25, 2016.

She was also known as Conchita or Connie.

She was a peace activist living in Washington, DC.

Miss Picciotto has lived in Lafayette Square, Washington, D.C. on the 1600 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, in a peace camp across from the White House, since August 1, 1981, in protest of nuclear arms.

Concepcion has carried on a long virtuous act of political protest in the United States, with her camp having been nicknamed by her supporters as 1601 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Before her death, she assisted by members of Occupy Peace House where she resides.

Concepcion was reported to be in discussions with Ellen Thomas to remain in the Peace House, a house in Washington D.C. that Ellen inherited from her late husband.

The Members from Occupy Washington DC reside in the Peace House with Concepcion.

The house is now called Occupy Peace House and members are working towards ownership.

Her organisation was a nonprofit home for local activists and those from around the world, it is referred to as The People’s Embassy, a vision William Thomas had when he purchased the house.

Concepción Picciotto passed away on January 25, 2016.