Cirilo Baladrón Ferreras, Spanish politician, mayor of Ferreras de Arriba, Died at 58

Cirilo Baladrón Ferreras died on October 19, 2015.

Cirilo Baladrón Ferreras was appointed mayor in June with the support of the three councilors of the PP.

Ferreras had previously served as councilor within this corporation in the 90 The mayor of Puebla and socialist senator Jose Fernandez Blanco, stressed that represented “common sense” within the corporation as well as being ” a figure of centrality.

After the word of his death, The councilors of the Corporation, including the Citizen’s spokesman, Valentin Iglesias, bemoan the death.

Shortly after his burial a meeting was convened to propose the appointment of a new PSOE councilor and request the minutes of appointment to the Board of Elections.

The next candidate on the Socialist list is Antonio Canas Andrew.

Cirilo Baladrón Ferreras passed away at 58 yrs old.