Mihai Alexandru Romanian guitarist, Dead


Mihai Alexandru was born on November 9, 1965, and died on October 31, 2015.

He was Romanian guitarist, singer and songwriter.

Mihai attended the School of Art George Enescu, cello section, and then Porumbescu State Conservatory, Music Pedagogy department.

He also completed studies in orchestra conductor with prof. Peter Andriesei and classical singing with prof. Daniela Slusanschi.

Alexandru participated in numerous television as an artist and a composer of interpreters and is also a producer of generics.

Mihai Alexandru a was successful guitarist of the band Iris.

His work as a composer was Devine many would say.

In 1989 he met Nicola, who had recently launched off in the music world, and composing some songs that become hits shortly in the 90s and 2000.

The piece is included in the 5 successful albums recorded together: barefoot – 1999 Millions – 2000 Beside me – 2002 Do not break my heart – 2003 Beyond the night Day – 2003 Thank You – 2004 Honey – I’ll call The 2005 – 2005.

Alexandru debuted at age 18 with the group Sui Generis.

At 20 Alexandru became member a of the band IRIS, they recorded two albums, three of the songs being composed by himself: ‘Your beauty’ and ‘Rain dreams last autumn’.

Mihai took part in many events, including the Eurovision, Mamaia, Golden Stag, etc.

He has collaborated with singers of the old and modern country such as Nicola Laura Stoica, Luminita Anghel, Marcel Pavel, Marina Florea Daniela Vladescu Aurelian Temisan, Mihai Constantinescu, Adrian Daminescu, Carmen Trandafir, Mihaela Mihai Luminita Dobrescu Corina Chiriac, Doina Spataru Nico Andra Alina Sorescu, Raluca Ocneanu, Bogdan Dima, Alin Pascal, Alexa groups Iris, Proconsul, Leo Iorga and Pacifica, Body and Soul, and many more.

He has won many awards from a young age until he passed, including the Songwriter of the year, the annual awards gala of the magazine “News” Music Composers and Musicologists Union ROMANIA IN 2014.

Mihai Alexandru a member of the (Goodbye to Gravity) passed away due to injuries sustained in the Colectiv nightclub fire in Bucharest, Romania.