Bernardo Ribeiro, Brazilian footballer, Died at 26

Bernardo Salim Ribeiro was born on October 9, 1989, and died on May 5, 2016.

He was a Brazilian footballer.

His position was an attacking midfielder.

Bernardo was first scouted by Flamengo and joined the club in 1999 at the age of 9, where he played for the youth levels, where he was even captain.

In his teenage years with Flamengo, Ribeiro featured in many tournaments youth such as the FIFA Youth Cup, where he was acknowledged as “gaining a reputation for his pin-point passes and ability to read play”.

Sometime in February 2011, Bernardo completed his move to Skënderbeu Korçë.

Ribeiro officially became part of the club on 25 June 2011, after not being able to resolve ownership issues in February.

Ribeiro was drafted a one-year contract with the Albanian Superliga champions.

Bernardo signed for A-League club Newcastle Jet, on August 6, 2012

He died of a heart attack during a friendly match in Brazil.

Bernardo Ribeiro passed away at 26 yrs old.