Aslam Azhar, Pakistani television executive, Died at 83

Aslam Azhar was born on September 1932 and died on December 29, 2015.

He was a Pakistani television executive,

The executive studied law at Cambridge and later worked for the Burmah Oil Company.

Azhar was considered to be the “father of Pakistan Television”.

Azhar was aslo the former Chairman and Managing Director of PTV.

Aslam Azhar was awarded the Tamgha-i-Pakistan for his great services.

Azhar was born in Lahore, as a son of a government servant during British Raj.

His interest in theater led him to meet his wife Nasreen Jan through a theater group.

Aslam had a son called Arieb Azhar, who is a musician.

Aslam Azhar passed away at 83 yrs old on December 29, 2015.