Guru Josh, Jersey musician, Died at 51


Paul Walden was born on June 6, 1964 and died on December 28, 2015.

paul was also commonly known as Guru Josh.

He was a Jersey musician, active in the British post-acid house scene.

Josh was best known for his debuting a single called ‘Infinity’, initially released in 1989 on Walden’s record label, Infinity Records.

Walden was part of Guru Josh Project in 2007,, formed by Darren Bailie and signed by Big City Beatsof Paul Walden, Anders Nyman, and Darren Bailie

The song was re-released in 1990 by BMG Records, and remixed for re-release in 2008 by the German artist DJ Klaas.

The remix was a very big success, peaking at No. 1 on the Belgian, Dutch, French and Danish singles charts, the Czech airplay chart and the Eurochart Hot 100.

Paul was also created 3D glass art under the name of “Louie Fabrix”, sold in small exhibitions in New York, Madrid, Paris and Berlin.

Paul Walden passed away at 51 yrs old.