Argentine-Italian ballerina and actress, Alba Arnova, Died at 87

  Actor, Media

Alba Arnova was born Alba Fossati on March 15, 1930, in Buenos Aires and died on March 11, 2018.

She was an Italian-Argentine ballerina and film actress.

She was the daughter of two Italian emigrants, Arnova studied piano at the Conservatory and enrolled in the university at the medical faculty.

Alba Arnova became the principal classical dancer of the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires and changed her surname first to Ars Nova and then to Arnov.

Alba Arnova left Argentina in 1948, for a six months stage tour, and eventually remained in Rome, where she worked first in the theater as a classical dancer and as a review and avanspettacolo soubrette.

Alba Arnova started acting in films in 1949, though usually in minor roles.

During 1956 she was the center of a controversy when she appeared on the RAI television variety show La Piazzetta wearing a tight leotard that made her appear semi-nude because of the lighting effects and the black-and-white system.

Her show was suspended and she was subsequently fired and banned from Italian television.

Alba Arnova subsequently chose to leave show business.

She was married to composer and conductor Gianni Ferrio.

He died at 87 years old.