Anthony Ryle, English medical doctor, Died at 89

  Health care

Anthony Ryle was born in 1927, and died on September 29, 2016.

He was an English medical doctor.

Ryle studied at Oxford and University College Hospital, qualified in medicine in 1949.

Dr Anthony worked as a General Practitioner in North London, then directed the University of Sussex Health service, and later worked as a Consultant Psychotherapist in St. Thomas’ Hospital, London, from 1983 to 1992.

As a general practitioner, he realized that a lot of his patients were presenting with psychological problems or distress, which he confirmed by epidemiological studies.

Anthony Ryle developed took an in psychotherapy and later developed a time limited therapy which can be offered in the National Health Service.

The type of therapy he used was known as cognitive analytic therapy.

During the 1960s he moved to Kingston, on the outskirts of Lewes, East Sussex with his wife and four children.

Anthony Ryle passed away at 89 years old.