Rebecca Wilson, Australian sports journalist, Died at 54


Rebecca Wilson was born on December 22, 1961, and died on October 7, 2016.

She was an Australian media personality.

She was known mainly for her reporting on sport.

Wilson worked in both the newspaper and television industry for over 20 years.

After she joined the corporate world, Wilson was Media Manager for Super League and Project Manager for the Rugby World Cup.

Wilson was a co-host on the Vega 95.3 breakfast show with Tony Squires and Mikey Robins.

During early 2009, Wilson announced that she was leaving Vega and in October it was announced that Vega would no longer continue with the breakfast show.

She co-wrote a sports blog called Bec and Buzz with Phillip Rothfield in the Daily Telegraph.

Her opinion pieces regarding the A-League have been controversial and faced significant criticism.

She was a regular panellist on SportsNight with James Bracey on Sky News Australia.

Rebecca Wilson passed away at 54 years old.