Andy Thompson, Canadian politician, Died at 91


Andrew Ernest Joseph “Andy” Thompson was born on December 14, 1924, and died on February 3, 2016.
He was a Canadian politician.
Andy was the leader of the Ontario Liberal Party and later served as a Senator.
Thompson was elected as the Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) for the west-end Toronto Dovercourt electoral district in 1959.
Andy was elected the Ontario Liberal Party’s leader in 1964.
However, physically his health began to fail in late 1966 forcing him to retire as the Liberal leader.
Andy was appointed to the Canadian Senate in 1967, forcing him to resign his provincial seat in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.
The politician attracted media attention in 1997 and 1998 for making few appearances in the Senate over the past decade.
And, his health issues never really was solved and gave that as his explanation for his truancy.
Thompson became the first Senator ever stripped of his office staff, salary and expense account for truancy, in 1998.
After a month, he resigned in order to receive his pension.
Andy Thompson passed away at 91 yrs old.