American singer, Beverly McClellan, Died at 49


Beverly McClellan was born on July 6, 1969, and died on October 30, 2018.

She was an American singer.

She was a contestant in the first season of the American TV series The Voice, reaching the final four.

At age four, McClellan began playing the piano and later figured out how to play guitar, trumpet, French horn, mandolin, ukulele, low register guitar, djembe and a wide assortment of drums and percussion.

Beverly McClellan began singing at age 24 and had been performing at clubs in and bars around Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a long time.

McClellan had won the New York National Music Festival in 2004 as Best Overall Performer among 500 competitors.

McClellan initially played with Tami Gordon in a team called Uncommon Ground.

After that McClellan worked with artist, lyricist, guitarist Robyn Fear in the Florida Keys and south Florida area.

A long time later, she framed her own band called DJ’s Daughter, named after her mom.

McClellan recorded a couple of tunes with that band, played numerous gigs for a considerable length of time before starting to execute as a performance demonstration.

Beverly McClellan at that point recorded another two collections all alone before joining Swoop, another band from Fort Lauderdale.

Beverly McClellan passed away at 49 years old from cancer.


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