Yvette Chauviré, French prima ballerina, Died at 99


Yvette Chauviré was born on April 22, 1917, and died on October 19, 2016.

She was a French prima ballerina and actress.

Chauviré was often described as France’s greatest ballerina.

She was the coach of prima ballerinas Sylvie Guillem and Marie-Claude Pietragalla.

Chauviré was awarded the Légion d’Honneur in 1964

He published two autobiographies in her lifetime: in 1960, a book titled Je suis ballerine, and in 1997, with Gerard Mannoni, Yvette Chauviré – Autobiographie.

During 1937, he performed in Jean Benoît-Lévy’s film La Mort du Cygne (“The Death of the Swan”), which told the story of a young girl who aspires to become a ballet dancer.

That film received the Grand Prix du Film Francais at the 1937 Paris Exposition and was released in the United States the following year under the title Ballerina.

She was married to a Russian artist, Constantin Nepokoitchitsky (known as Constantin Nepo), who died in 1976.

Yvette died at her home in Paris.

Yvette Chauviré passed away at 99 years old.