Yordan Sokolov, Bulgarian politician, Died at 83


Yordan Sokolov or Jordan Sokolov was born on January 18, 1933, and died on February 24, 2016.
He was a Bulgarian jurist and politician.
He was the minister of Internal affairs between 1991-1992, three mandates an MP between January 1995 and June 2005.
Yordan Sokolov was a Speaker (бълг. председател) of Parliament between 1997 to 2001.
Yordan received education at the juridical faculty of Sofia University.
In 2004, along with Ivan Kostov and other MPs Sokolov founded DSB.
However, in 2005 he left the political scene and returned to lawyer practice.
In 2011, Sokolov left his posts at DSP and resigned from membership because of the party’s united political activities with the Socialists.
His wife was prof. Eva Sokolova, they had two daughters.
Yordan Sokolov passed away at 83 yrs old.