Xose Neira Vilas, author, Died at 87


Jose Neira Vilas was born on November 3, 1928, in Gres, Vila de Cruces, and died on November 27, 2015.

He was a Spanish author and writer.

Jose studied business correspondence and worked as an accountant.

In January, 1949, Jose emigrated to Argentina and contact galleguistas as Luis Seoane, Rafael Dieste, Ramon Suarez Picallo, Lorenzo Varela or Ramon Valenzuela.

In 1953, Jose founded the Youth Galeguistas house with the writer Anisia Miranda in 1957.

Vilas founded the publishing Leaves News in march, 1961, in Cuba with his wife.

After he spent 31years in the Caribbean island, he returned to Galicia in 1994 to live in Gres, where he directs the Foundation called, Jose Neira Vilas, and there he continue his cultural and journalistic work.

Jose was a member of the Galician Academy, Doctor Honoris Causa by the Universities of Corunn and Havana,

Jose received the medal Castelao, or PedrĂ³n of Honour, the award Celanova House of Poets Prize Laxeiro or Trasalba Prize in 2004, and the Gold Medal of Galicia in 2015, and was named an honourable member of the Association of Writers in Galician in 1999.

Xose Neira Vilas passed away at 87 years old November 27, 2015.