Xiao Wensun, politician, Died at 51


Xiao Wensun was born in 1964, in east China’s Jiangxi province and died November 4, 2015.
He was a Chinese politician.
Xiao was the deputy secretary of Liuzhou, Deputy Mayor, of the Municipal People’s Government, acting mayor, party secretary post.
He attended the Metallurgical Construction Institute of Environmental Engineering, Environmental Protection professional learning, in 1983.
Xiao also attended Beijing University of Science and Technology Graduate School of Management Science and Engineering.
He received a master’s degree in management science.
In 1987, he was the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry Division of cadres, the director of the Division of Personnel office clerk.
Xiao Wensun worked as a Personnel Director of Personnel and Education authorities, State Bureau of Metallurgical Industry Personnel Director Personnel Division organ.
Guangxi Zhuang appointed him Autonomous Region Deputy Director of the General Office of the Government, party secretary, in 2013.
Xiao Wensun passed away at 51 years old due to drowning.