Xavier Olea Munoz, lawyer and politician, Died at 92


Xavier Olea Munoz was born on December 1,1923, `n Iguala and died on December 1, 2015.
He was a Lawyer and politician.
His parents were Ignacio Daza and Aurora Olea Olea Muñoz.
Xavier attended primary school in Toluca.
After he attended a number of institutions, including; in the Vicente Guerrero Institute; high school, at the Central School of Mexico, and the Federal District Secondary 4; in 1941, Xavier entered the National Preparatory School.
Munoz received his degree in Law at the National Law School of UNAM in 1954.
In 1963, Munoz obtained the appointment of technical A National Tourism Council;
In 1964, Xavier was appointed senior officer of the Mexican Cultural Institute then was given the appointment of Deputy Director General of Agricultural Development and Agrarian Ejidal and Colonization Department.
In 1966, Munoz was Minister of the Presidency of the Republic.
He was a member of the Mexican Society of Geography and Statistics.
Xavier Olea Munoz received Albert Brunois the year award attorney most deserving of this institution;
In 1974, Munoz joined the administration of the Federal District.
In 1976, Munoz was appointed extraordinary and he was the plenipotentiary ambassador on a special mission in Paris.
Munoz has worked as ambassador to Japan and Korea, From 1977-1979.
Two years later, he joined the Bar Association of Mexico.
In 1997, he joined the administration of Cuauhtemoc Cardenas Solorzano, in the Federal District.
Xavier Olea Munoz passed away at 92 yrs old.