Wolfgang Suschitzky, Photographer and cinematographer, Died at 104


Wolfgang Suschitzky was born on August 29, 1912, in Vienna, Austria-Hungary, and died on October 7, 2016.

He was a Austro-Hungarian-born British photographer and cinematographer.

He was perhaps best known for his collaboration with Paul Rotha in the 1940s and his work on Mike Hodges’ 1971 film Get Carter.

Andrew Pulver has described Suschtizky as “a living link to the prewar glory days of the British documentary movement.”

Wolfgang photographs have been exhibited at the National Gallery, the Austrian Cultural Forum in London and The Photographer’s Gallery, and appear in many international photography collections.

Suschitzky was the father of cinematographer Peter Suschitzky (born 1940), classical musician and writer Misha Donat, and Julia Donat.

Suschitzky turned 100 in August 2012.

Wolfgang Suschitzky passed away at 104 years old.