Wil Handford, cage fighter, died at 24

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Wil Handford, passed away on October 9, 2015, at age 24 from bowel cancer, he was a cage fighter.

Wil was diagnosed with bowel cancer at just 22 has lost his battle with the disease.

Wil Handford was in the best shape of his life, when he was struck by crippling stomach pains while attending a training camp in Thailand in 2014.

After returning to the UK doctors confirmed Wil had bowel cancer, which had spread to his abdomen and colon, and he was initially told he only had between three and six months to live.

Wil started having courses of chemotherapy every two weeks, which reduced the tumours, and his condition improved briefly.

But the cancer returned and five weeks ago, he stopped having treatment as it was no longer judged to be beneficial.

Wil Handford died on Wednesday night, having compiled a moving video diary of his battle against the disease and blogged about his experiences on Facebook, which many people have described as ‘inspirational’.