Wang Tuoh, Taiwanese writer and politician, Died at 72

Wang Tuoh was born on January 9, 1944,  in Badouzi and died on August 9, 2016.
He was a Taiwanese writer, public intellectual, literary critic, and politician.
He came from a small fishing village near the northern port city of Keelung.
Wang name was originally Wang Hung-chiu (王紘久).
He had published his first short story, The Hanging Tree in 1970, and went on to write a series of stories set in his home village of Badouzi that drew heavily on his own experiences in a small, insular village where everyone is part of a larger family that has been there for five generations.
Wang was well-known for these stories, which the novella Auntie Jinshui (金水嬸; published September 1976) which describes the story of the eponymous Auntie Jinshui.
The story of Auntie Jinshui was a street peddler who has successfully raised and educated six sons, but falls upon especially hard times after being swindled by a priest introduced to her by one of her sons.
After falling behind on her payments to her Hui (會), an informal village credit network, and finds herself gradually ostracized from her friends and family.
This novella was also later made into a movie.
Wang Tuoh novels are The Story of Cowbelly Harbor (牛肚港的故事; published 1982) and Taipei, Taipei! (台北,台北!; published 1983), both had been written while he was in jail as a political prisoner.
Wang Tuoh passed away at 72 years old.