Walter Nahún López, International footballer, Died at 37

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Dead, Walter Nahún López Cárdenas, born September 1, 1977 and died August 9, 2015, he was a Honduran football player.

López was murdered on 9 August 2015 by gangs at a Guatemalan border.

According to the police officer Zetino post in this town, Lopez was fired upon in his truck to go to watch a game reserve in the Communal Stadium.

“At 16:30 hours at the Communal Stadium of La Mesilla village, municipality of La Democracia (Huehuetenango department), an unknown individual approaches a white van Honda brand, private plates 970FTY that attacked and killed” begins the report.

He adds: “It turned out an injured person where it was established that called Walter Nahum Lopez Cardenas, in the only place they found four shell casings, the vehicle has broken the front and rear glass, a shot in the right tail,” the official .

Walter after being attacked was alive, immediatel and moved to the Health Center of the Municipality of Democracy where he died moments later.