Vyacheslav Shalevich, Russian actor, Died at 82


Vyacheslav Anatolievich Shalevich was born on May 27, 1934, in Moscow and died on December 21, 2016, in Moscow.

He was a Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, People’s Artist of the RSFSR.

He spent his childhood living with his mother Elena in the area Theater Vakhtangov.

Shalevich’s father – a former White officer Anatoly Shalevich, defected to the Red Army and rose to the rank of General of the NKVD, was directly involved in the purges.

Shalevich’s mother, though she loved Anatoly Shalevich, left him in the eighth month of pregnancy because of jealousy from Minsk to Moscow his aunt.

He was a son of a single mother.

He believed his father died in the Finnish war -True, he had learned only 38 years old when on tour in Biysk he met the man who introduced Anatoly Shalevich.

During 1958, Shalevich graduated from the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute.

After his graduation, he was accepted into the troupe of the State Academic Theatre named after Vakhtango.

Vyacheslav Shalevich passed away at 82 years old.