Vladimir Zemlyanikin, Russian film and theater actor, Died at 83


Vladimir Mikhailovich Zemlyanikin was born on October 27, 1933, in Moscow and died on October 27, 2016.
He was a film and theater actor.
Vladimir Zemlyanikin was an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1994).
When World War II started and his mother went to the evacuation.
Following the war, Vladimir became involved in the initiative in the City Palace of Pioneers, and then in the Palace of Culture ZiL.
During 1951, he filed documents in the Moscow Art Theatre School, School Shchepkin, Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute. They took it to the Shchukin Institute.
During 1954, Zemlyanikin made his debut in the movie, the film Tatyana Lukashevich School-leaving certificate.
During 1956, Vladimir Zemlyanikin graduated from the institute.
From 1959, he was a Studio Theatre actor film actor in Moscow, and then – Sovremennik Theatre.
Vladimir Zemlyanikin passed away at 83 years old.