Vladimir Zeldin, Russian theater and film actor, Died at 101


Vladimir Mikhailovich Zeldin was born on February 10, 1915, and died on October 31, 2016.
He was a Russian theatre and cinema actor and a centenarian.
He was born in the town of Kozlov (now called Michurinsk).
In the year 1935, Zeldin graduated from the theatre college at the Mossovet Theatre and became its actor.
Vladimir Zeldin has been working in the Russian Army Theatre, in Moscow, for over 60 years.
He became an all-Union celebrity in 1941 starring in the comedy Svinarka i pastukh.
Zeldin’s other most famous works as a film actor include Skazanie o zemle sibirskoy (1947), Uchitel’ tantsev (1952), Karnavalnaya noch (1956), Dyadya Vanya (1970) and Desyat negrityat (1987).
During February 2005 Zeldin celebrated his 90th birthday with the premiere of the musical Man of La Mancha (translated into Russian) where he still stars both as Don Quixote and Miguel de Cervantes.
Vladimir Zeldin was, as of 2014, the oldest living People’s Artist of the USSR.
Vladimir Zeldin passed away at 101 years old.