Vladimir Pribylovsky, Russian human rights activist and journalist, Died at 59

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Vladimir Valerianovich Pribylovsky was born on March 6, 1956, and died on January 13, 2016.

He was a Russian Political activist and journalist.

He graduated from the Department of Medieval History of Moscow State University in 1981 specializing in Byzantine studies.

Pribylovsky he was persecuted by Soviet authorities for spreading banned literature, in 1980’s

As of 1993, Vladimir was the president of the Panorama Information and Research Center think tank.

In the year of 2005, Vladimir has also operated the Russian-language website Anticompromat.ru, which is essentially a collection of biographies of Russian politicians compiled and partially written by him from a variety of published sources.

After the site was temporarily down, the website moved to a Californian hosting and became available at Anticompromat.org. On 1 April its mirror was reopened at the original URL.

Along with Yury Felshtinsky and himself, Pribylovsky has co-authored The Operation Successor, a book about Vladimir Putin’s coming to power.

The newer versions were published as The Age of Assassins and Corporation.

Vladimir Pribylovsky passed away at 59 yrs old. he was found dead in his Moscow apartment.