Vladimir Pereturin, Russian football player and TV commentator, Died at 78


Vladimir Ivanovich Pereturinwas born on May 23, 1938, Moscow and died on May 22, 2017.

He was a Russian Soviet football player.

He was the winner of the Games of the peoples of the RSFSR (1959), Master of Sports of the USSR.

He was best known as a TV commentator and host of Football Review and Goal!.

During 1998, he suffered a stroke and then two months after the stroke back on the air Football Review, but in late 1999 show has been closed.

Up until 2003 Pereturin was commentator of the First Channel, but work in the last three years of collaboration he almost was not.

During the spring of 2012 suffered a second stroke.

During August 2014, he urged to abandon the Russian FIFA World Cup 2018 due to lack of money.

Pereturin died in his native Moscow.

Vladimir Pereturin passed away at 78 years old.