Vlad Telea, Romanian guitarist, Died at 37


Vlad Telea died on October 30, 2015.

The Romanian played with the metal band Goodbye to Gravity

The group was founded in the Romanian capital of Bucharest in 2011 and consists of Andrei Galut (vocals) Alex Pascu (bass guitar), Vlad Telea (guitar), Mihai Alexandru (guitar) and Bogdan Enache (drums).

The band plays classic metalcore, in which influences from the traditional Heavy Metal are out audibly.

Andrei Galut’s winner at Megastar, the Romanian format of American Idol, where he took part of 2008.

Three of the musicians previously played in the heavy metal band Thunderstorm associated with the Running wild guitar-player Preacher a song for the Running Wild Tribute Album ReUnation recorded.

On 1 July 2011 played Goodbye to Gravity on the Béstfest together with bands like Skunk Anansie and Flogging Molly. Overall, this year 38,000 people visited in the 5-day music festival.

In the month of October, the group played on the Romanian Metal Meeting together with Pain of Salvation, Von Hertzen Brothers and White Walls.

The infamous debut album, which was released in 2012, was designed by Jens Bogren, who has already with Soilwork, Katatonia and Amon Amarth worked at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden re-mastered.

The album of Alex Pascu and Costin Dumitrache was produced in Train the 150 studios in Bucharest. The group took in the “New Blood Award” in part, where it has the group to the finals. On August 15, 2012, the group joined forces with Buffet of Fate, Amoeba, Obscure Sphinx, Without Words and Asirius on the Summer Breeze in front of a selected jury on.

Later in the evening, he played on this stage bands like button, Graveworm and Rage.

The winner is a day later to open the open-air festival on one of the “Pain” -Hauptbühne.

On the same day there are Eluveitie, Death Stars and Everytime I Die play.

The group lost the final narrowly to the group Obscura Sphinx from Poland.

The band released the music video for the track The Cage, on 16 September 2012.

As part of the Metalhead Awards played Goodbye to Gravity on 31 January 2013 together with the black metal band Negura Bunget in Bucharest.

The group won an award in the category Metal album of 2012.

In July 2013, the group played at the Rock the City in Bucharest together with Enslaved and Heaven Shall Burn.

Together with producer Kostas Kalimeris which already with Bring Me the Horizon and Joe Bonamassa collaborated, the group took in the studio Traian 150 in Bukarist the second studio album.

On the same day he died, he made an ​​appearance for release of the new CD at the club colective in Bucharest there was a fire with at least 27 dead and over 100 injured (fire disaster in Bucharest in 2015).

The guitarists was killed in the incident and the rest of the band suffered injuries.

The singer Andrei Galut, bassist Alex Pascu and drummer Bogdan Lavinius suffered in the accident severe burns.

Vlad passed away at age 37 in October 2015.