Vida Alves, Brazilian actress, Died at 88


Vida Amélia Guedes Alves was born on April 15, 1928, and died on January 3, 2017.

She was a Brazilian actress and pioneer of early Brazilian television.

Her career spanned more than seventy years.

During 1951, she made history when she and actor Walter Forster performed the first on-screen kiss ever broadcast on Brazilian television on the early telenovela series, Sua Vida Me Pertence.

In 1963, Alves made television history once again by sharing the first gay kiss shown on Brazilian television with actress Geórgia Gomide on the teleteatro show, TV de Vanguarda.

Also to that, Alves co-founded the Associação dos Pioneiros da Televisão, or Association of Television Pioneers (Pró-TV), in 1995 and operated the Museu da Televisão Brasileira from her home in São Paulo.

Vida Alves passed away at 88 years old.